Need a photographer that’s quick, easy to deal with, on time and fun?

I am based in St Augustine, Florida but travel for advertising, editorial and headshot projects.

As I strive to carve out my own niche in professional photography I want to create a style that’s recognizable as my own. I take my work very seriously but along the way I like to make it fun. I believe that if you enjoy working with the other people in your environment, better results will be had all around.

My goal is to solve your problem and bring your ideas to life in a fun, natural looking way.

About Brian

I live in St Augustine with my amazing wife Nicky, our dog Ellen and our new little baby boy. Photography has long been an interest of mine but I have a habit of diving deep into things I am passionate about. Being able to solve a problem for my client and put a smile of their face is seriously gratifying.

The name Swell Studio can mean whatever you want it to. To me it's a positive message with a nod to the ocean and the 80's, the decade I grew up in and got my first camera.